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Windows operating system E-Learning & Certification


Windows operating system E-Learning & Certification, this course is designed to familiarize users with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Learners by logging in and checking new capabilities and features in Windows 10. Checking file management and personalizing it with File Explorer, personalize your desktop and other different areas of the Windows 10 operating environment. Work with apps and programs including installing, updating, and troubleshooting. Learners get to know Cortana, learn to use the new Maps, Mail, People, Calendar and Weather features. Users will also get to know Microsoft Edge, the newest internet browser. Windows is an operating system that was introduced to the world by Microsoft in 1983. Windows is a multitasking graphical environment that is used in computers Basis das is implemented. Windows runs on desktop computers, network servers, and workstations. The Windows operating system provides a standard graphical interface based on pull-down menus, window areas, and a pointing device such as a mouse.  

What you will learn in this course:

  • You will start your work by logging in and navigating the Windows 10 environment.
  • Customizing the user interface and Customizing settings
  • Getting to know the management of files and folders and OneDrive
  • Getting to know Edge, the latest Microsoft browser and its features
  • Using Cortana, Maps , Photos, Mail, People, Calendar and Weather
  • Installing programs, setting defaults and managing system update and troubleshooting settings
  Windows operating system E-Learning & Certification courseWho is it useful for? People who want to get to know the new environment of Windows 10.   Prerequisites of this course: The Windows operating system course does not require special prerequisites and the course is based on training is given.


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