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Training & Certificate Of Android application programmers


E-Learning & Certification of Android application programmers: Android (from Greek: meaning man, human, pseudo-human or robot (iron man). (In English: Android) is a mobile operating system. Google offers it for smartphones and tablets, and now for TVs. It works with dozens of companies to put it on Android-based devices. Android is built on top of the Linux kernel and is the most widely used among operating systems. Android peripherals are written using Java language. To communicate with the underlying layers of the operating system, they can use Android Java libraries. The user interface part of the Android operating system is written in Java language, and many Android programs are also Written in Java
The Android programming training course developed by the Iranian E-Learning & Certification Foundation, including the basic concepts of app development for the open source operating system Android . Among others, we can mention the structure of an Android project, how to build a virtual machine, getting to know the types of layouts, preparing the Eclipse programming environment, understanding the units of measurement in the Android operating system, etc. As much as possible, we have tried to Application design concepts for the Android operating system should be taught in the form of small and usable projects. To make the taught concepts more understandable for the users of the course.

Which languages are the best Android programming languages?

+ Java was and is the first language and the official language of Android. But it is not necessarily the best Android programming language. + Kotlin is a new programming language similar to Java, which, in addition to having all its advantages, is easier and less difficult to learn and code. + C and C++ are also Android programming languages, but they don’t have the flexibility and convenience of other languages. + C# is one of the suitable Android programming languages for making games + Using Unity to develop games Android + Xamarin, including the excellent subsets of Microsoft and the best programming languages for Android and other platforms such as IOS and Windows Phone + Basic among the old and powerful Android languages + Corona is a suitable choice for building basic Android applications with PhoneGap (HTML, CSS, Java Script) without Need to learn Android programming to build applications.

Course prerequisites Virtual Learning Android Application Developer:

+ This The course is taught from the basics and does not require special prerequisites.  


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