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Training & Certificate Of automation and instrumentation


E-Learning & Certification of automation and precision instruments: precision instruments actually form the infrastructure of a control and automation system. and includes tools such as: types of controllers, indicators, Transmitter , recorder and… These tools are responsible for measuring, transmitting, displaying, recording and controlling important physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, etc. in industrial processes in a precise way. As the name of automation suggests, the field of industrial automation includes a wide range of equipment that has the task of automation in the industry. Equipment such as programmable logic controllers (PLC), types of remote control, encoder shafts and proximity sensors can be classified in this field. Efforts have been made in the automation and instrumentation training course. All the skills that have been provided to the industrial electrician due to the use of computer technology and software. and present to our audience the new lines of control in the modern world.
Industrial automation means the use of control tools instead of humans in order to guide and control industrial machines and production processes. The purpose of automation and the use of robots is to increase the efficiency of industrial and production equipment. href=””>virtual learning automation and instrumentation:
+ Precise tool + Logic controllers + Introduction of control systems and instrumentation + PLCs and its application + STEP7 comprehensive training

Prerequisites for the automation and instrumentation training course:

[list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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