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Flash software E-Learning & Certification


Flash software E-Learning & Certification, powerful and popular. Adobe Flash Professional CC is a suitable tool for web designers and multimedia workers. In the new version, Adobe has tried to provide programming and coding capabilities and a working environment, and at the same time, by adding new design tools, it has tried to meet the needs of designers. also remove Other new features include a powerful text engine, support for mobile devices, and ease of use and increased programming tools. Also, coordinated and continuous components and having a wide design work environment that makes it possible to present content through media formats are among its other key features. By completing the Flash software training course, you will be fully familiar with this software and you will gain full ability and mastery to work with this software.

The student learns in this course:

  • Selecting the document type
  • Working with panels and workspaces
  • Importing bitmap and Vector graphics in a project
  • Understanding timelines and frame rates
  • Defining frames and keyframes
  • Creating button icons, graphics and video clips
  • >
  • Nesting Timeline
  • Building Shape Tween and Moving Tween
  • Defining Inverse Motion (IK)
  • Using Filters, Blending Modes and Masks
  • Integrating audio and video
  • Using ActionScript code snippets
  • Configuring SWF and HTML publishing settings
  • Publishing with AIR
  • Getting to know Flash CC software environment
  • Getting to know graphics in Flash
  • Working with symbols
  • Managing content and masks in Flash
  • Working with texts
  • Working with sound and video
  • Getting familiar with animation
  • Using Action Script
  • Using User interface components
  • File content control and dynamic data
  • Flash file publishing and publishing settings

Prerequisite Training course Flash software:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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