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Training & Certificate Of specialized English language for marketing


E-Learning & Certification of specialized English language for marketing: marketing has a different definition for each person. However, we all know that marketing is an inseparable and constant principle for and business development is not possible without a calculated marketing strategy. Marketing is the implementation of activities in the business space that directs the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumer. As you might guess, this definition is influenced by the market for goods and services in the early 20th century. A market that was mainly made up of factories, and after the product was taken off the production line, marketing had to direct it to the consumer market. “If we want to know what business is, we must start from the goal. Only one worthwhile goal for business can be imagined, and that is customer creation. It is the customer who defines what a business is and who is willing to pay for your goods and services. Goods and services that arise from the heart of nature and are the result of converting natural resources into goods and wealth. What a business produces is not very important and is not decisive for the future success of the business. Rather, what the customer thinks, buys and considers as “value” is decisive. Therefore, the purpose of business is to create customers. A business has one and only two important business functions: marketing and innovation” in marketing science as well as other fields, specialized words and terms In this course, we have compiled a marketing dictionary for you to use the specialized marketing dictionary. This course includes 382 minutes of educational audio files.  

Course Headings E-Learning & Certification Specialized marketing English language:

Dictionary of digital marketing +

Business start up 1 +

Business start up 2 +

English for marketing and advertising +

English for business communication +

English and business communication +

English in use-marketing +

Business words +

Dictionary of business +

The dictionary of marketing +

The marketing book +

Business marketing research +

Strategic marketing +

Predictive marketing +

Real business plans & marketing tools +

Market leader +

How to talk to customers +

Customer service +

Advertising for dummies +

Core concepts of marketing +

One hundred and one successful sales strategies +

One hundred one ways to market your business +

What kind of people is the virtual English language training course suitable for marketing:

+ If you intend to be employed in a multinational company and are preparing for a job interview in English, you need these trainings. + If in the field of marketing and advertising Marketing & Advertising and you are working in an international company, in order to improve your position (Promotion) and communicate directly with high-level managers, you urgently need to get to know the English term for marketing. + If you are looking to update your knowledge in the field of marketing and need to read articles, magazines and books on marketing and advertising in English, this The training is for you.

E-Learning & Certification Course PrerequisitesSpecialized Marketing English :

+ This The course does not require special prerequisites for training
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