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Training & Certificate Of specialized English language for aviation


E-Learning & Certification of specialized aviation English teaches specialized aviation terms and vocabulary in English. It increases people’s abilities for oral and written interaction in the job and professional environment. With the language course English specializing in aviation, you will get prepared to enter the global business arena and interact with peers and foreign customers. English language training for pilots and airline staff is one of the most important things that every pilot or pilot student must learn. Given that English is an international language and these days it is known as the main language for international communication, it adds to its importance. Mastering this language as much as possible can prevent a major disaster in airlines. For this reason, we recommend this course to all students and those interested in this field and the employees of the country’s airlines.

Advantages of specialized aviation English:

+ Improving pronunciation skills + Improving thinking skills + Increasing vocabulary + Sufficient mastery + Improving comprehension skills (listening) + Improving interaction skills

List of course topics E-Learning & Certification specialized aviation English:

+ guidelines for aviation + English for aviation + Dictionary of aviation + Aviation English Aviation English language training course is useful for the following jobs: especially for the contacts in the aviation field who care about improving their English language level or have a desire to participate in international exams. Prerequisites of this course: This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basis of training .
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