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E-Learning & Certification of MBA management, marketing management


E-Learning & Certification of MBA management, marketing management orientation: MBA students with marketing orientation focus on attracting customers and developing production and services. For volunteers who are not sure what they want to do after graduation, marketing orientation can be the best choice. Marketing is a very competitive job and it can bring a lot of income for people.

In this training course, students are introduced to the principles and concepts of marketing and marketing methods. At the same time, they learn theories related to customer behavior, international marketing, market research and advertising management, along with management skills. Learning some fields of human sciences such as psychology, sociology and economics is very effective in the career success of students of this trend.

If you are in the field of marketing, advertising or public relations. You have activated You know that these fields are very competitive. You need good marketing knowledge and skills to succeed in this challenging job. MBA with marketing specialization can increase your knowledge and improve your skills. Therefore, you will be prepared to deal with the challenges you will face in your marketing career.

Course Titles E-Learning & Certification Management MBA Marketing Management specialization:

+ Economics for Managers + Strategic Management + Management Information Systems + Management and organization + business management and business plan + business management + Financial management

Other headings:

+ Principles of marketing + Marketing and Sales Management + Electronic Marketing + Ethical principles in marketing + Sales psychology + Consumer behavior + International Marketing + Comprehensive branding training + Internet branding + International advertising + Techniques negotiate + Body language

Prerequisites for the MBA management training course, Marketing Management specialization:

[list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and is from the basic is taught. [/list_negative]
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