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E-Learning & Certification to familiarize yourself with commercial documents


E-Learning & Certification to get to know commercial documents, in its general sense, including bills, promissory notes, promissory notes, checks, bonds, treasury documents, public warehouse receipts, shares of commercial companies, bills of lading, etc., and also in a special sense; That is, promissory notes, promissory notes and checks are very popular in the field of business relations and even transactions between non-businessmen. Public confidence and trust in these documents makes them even in other transfers after issuance (whether endorsement or barter) to be noticed by the recipients of the documents. And the value in the text of the document will remain. In a way, commercial documents have replaced money in a special sense. and as goods price are used in transactions. The increasing development of domestic and international trade and trade and the need for speed and ease in trade and the role that capital circulation and the volume of trade have in the political and economic destiny of countries have prompted governments to formulate certain rules and regulations. To provide security for traders and businessmen in business relations. There is no businessman who does not deal with these documents on a daily basis. On the other hand, by making his capital flow, the businessman needs peace of mind and legal protection along with the two principles of speed and ease. A thing that cannot be provided by using the usual methods in the civil rights system. Therefore, in the domestic and international legal systems, certain principles govern the barwati transactions. Civil documents usually do not have such principles.

What you will learn in this course:

1. Commercial Invoice 2. Proforma Invoice 3. Commercial Document Packing List 4. Bill of Lading 5. Air Way Bill 6. Waybill 7. Railway Receipt 8. Certificate of origin 9. Quality certificate 10. Inspection certificate 11. Cargo certificate 12. Insurance policy and certificate 13. All auxiliary documents 14. Regulatory documents 15. Exchange control documents 16. Bill of lading 17. Export tax refund 18. Aligned document system 19. Letter of credit 20. Issuing bank 21. Bank advisor 22. Negotiating bank

Course prerequisite E-Learning & Certification Familiarity with commercial documents :

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is from basic is taught. [/list_negative]


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