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Training & Certificate Of customer relationship management – CRM


E-Learning & Certification of customer relationship management – CRM: or Customer Relationship Management or CRM Currently, it is one of the most popular and discussed topics of most companies in Iran and the world. The idea of customer orientation and focusing on customer demand instead of product orientation has been the origin of the standard solutions of “customer relationship management”. According to the needs of organizations, they cover four strategic approaches: Strategic, Operational, Analytical, and Collaborative.
  • Strategic CRM: Your business strategy in the field of customer centricity It shapes and helps you to attract new customers. Keep your current customers happy and profitable. This strategy plays a very colorful role in your organization. Because it makes the correct customer-oriented organizational processes and culture to be formed in your business.
  • Operational CRM: Operation and automation of customer service processes such as marketing, sales and Manages the provision of after-sales service.
  • Analytic CRM: is the process by which you turn operational data collected from marketing and customer relations into information. which helps your organization in process and strategic decisions.
  • Interactive CRM: It is the interface between you and the outside environment (customers and agents) that helps you add more value to Create your own customers. In fact, the systems will help you to receive positive and negative feedback from your customers. Easily listen to their requests and share them in the organization. Some of the communication channels are telephone system, email, SMS, chat, etc. In addition to customers, this software can communicate with your representatives, distributors and suppliers.

List of course headings E-Learning & Certification customer relationship management – CRM:

+ familiarity with customer relationship management + communication skills + Customer Relationship Management (CRM) + Principles of customer relationship + Consumer behavior

Customer relationship management training course – CRM Useful for the following fields:

  • All jobs
  • In the field of marketing, sales and after-sales services

Prerequisites for the CRM training course :

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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