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SCM supply chain management E-Learning & Certification


SCM supply chain management E-Learning & Certification: Supply chains connect suppliers to a manufacturing company and the company to its customers. To properly manage the supply chain, we must ensure excellent customer service, low costs, and short cycle times. The most important ones are integrated manufacturing for storage, continuous filling after emptying, manufacturing to order and channel assembly. Supply chain management is a system that links supply sources, purchasing, converting and managing links and integrates supplies slow By understanding how to manage this complex system and ensure the integration of core business functions, you can increase profits. Reduce costs and risks. In this course, instructor Daniel Stanton will teach you how to implement supply chain management in your company.

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Daniel reviews the various supply chain processes that must be managed in an integrated manner. Plan, source, build, deliver, return and activate. He used this process to describe the basic challenges that supply chain managers must solve. Significant trends that force supply chains to evolve. In today’s global competition, it is necessary to provide various products according to the demand A customer made it available to him. The customer’s demand for high quality and fast service has increased pressures that did not exist before. As a result, the companies cannot handle all the work on their own anymore. In addition to dealing with the organization and internal resources, economic and production enterprises, They also manage and monitor resources. The reason for this is actually achieving a competitive advantage or advantages with the aim of gaining a greater share of It is the market. Successful businesses cannot operate in a silo. They must coordinate decisions between their internal functions. And they must cooperate with their customers and suppliers. Because each business is just one link in the supply chain. And every supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, supply chain management is more than just a job, it is a philosophy. It is a way of understanding how a company creates value and how it relates to the rest of the world.

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