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Training & Certificate Of chain store management


E-Learning & Certification of chain store management, has been created to fully familiarize people with chain store management. Chain stores are a collection of stores that have a single management and are spread across a city, country or several countries. These stores are named businesses use the same and usually offer the same or nearly the same products.

What is the definition of a chain store?

In a brief definition, chain stores can be described as follows: Chain stores are a set of similar stores that have been established in different cities and regions, the purpose of all of them is to sell products. is common All these stores are under a main head office and the management and ownership of these sales centers is with this head office. Products sold in chain stores are often widely sourced by top management. Therefore, the products in all these stores will be the same in terms of type and quality. Today, a wide range of chain stores are created with the aim of providing household shopping baskets. In a way, these stores can be considered as a small shopping market where consumers can make their most important daily purchases.

Characteristics of chain stores:

  • Chain stores specialize in one product line and the range of items they offer is limited.
  • They are Horizontally connected and under centralized supervision.
  • They work in cash and do not sell on credit.
  • Supplying goods in chain stores as well as managing and monitoring them. It is centralized.
  • Prices are fixed and buyers do not need to bargain.
  • Sales are decentralized and each unit is a complete retailer by itself.
  • Roy They emphasize high and fast turnover.
  • This system is flexible in the field of expansion of its branches.
  • The items that the branches of a chain store sell are all the same shape.
  • Items that chain stores sell are usually those that customers need a lot and are durable in nature, such as shoes, clothing, etc.

Course Prerequisites E-Learning & Certification Management of chain stores:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the ground up. [/list_negative]
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