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E-Learning & Certification for orders


E-Learning & Certification for order manager, examines a job in the field of finance and commerce, which is responsible for order must be able to prepare the goods order request, issue the necessary remittances for the order, register the order request for goods and ordered goods, archive the goods order requests and requests issued from the warehouse. In economic institutions, inventory of materials and goods constitute an important part of assets, therefore, the amount of inventory of materials and goods and the method of its maintenance in these institutions is of particular importance and will have a significant impact on financial determination and operation results. One of the most important responsibilities of the person responsible for orders and management of production and commercial establishments is planning and exercising proper control over the preparation and storage of materials and goods. This important thing requires the existence of a precise system in procurement and warehousing and matters related to the maintenance and control of these inventories. The purpose of creating an order manager and warehousing system in both public and private organizations is to supply and maintain the goods needed by the organization. In other words, it can be said that warehousing refers to all activities related to preparation and storage and then delivery of materials and items needed by the organization at the right time.

List of course headings E-Learning & Certification responsible for orders:

+ Warehousing and purchase management + Principles of warehousing + Standard and responsible for orders + Responsible for orders + Warehousing + Control methods available in the warehouse + Inspection and counting of goods in the warehouse + Inventory + Warehouse and inventory control software + Basics and principles of warehousing + Warehouse accounting and expenditure control + Warehouse and inventory control + methods and prioritization of programs E-Learning & Certification course for order manager is useful for the following jobs: order manager – warehousing – purchase manager prerequisite Order manager course: This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from training .
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