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E-Learning & Certification on customer motivation management


E-Learning & Certification on customer motivation management: Iran has one of the richest cultures in the world. Especially in terms of social relations, it is without exaggeration the most fruitful social culture of our beloved Iran since it was mixed with divine teachings. But what has happened that now it can be said that the worst customer treatment in the world happens in Iran?? As economic operators, at least for the growth and development of our business, we must make a fundamental change in our behavior to satisfy our customers.

More details:

Customer experience is different from customer service. Experience Customer is a proactive approach where you create ways to identify good customers. And you give them a better customer experience. For example, give them something free on their birthday. They appreciate it and become more loyal customers. Customer experience is proactive while customer support is reactive.

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+ Customer service to create super fans who buy more and recommend your business to their friends

+ Create an experience for the customer that delights the customer to make the customer feel like a product You are great
+ Earn from frequent customer referrals and more referrals
+ Turn even angry customers into long-term loyal customers through amazing service
+ Engage your customers in a better way
+ Make customers love you

Who is this course for:

+ Entrepreneurs and small business owners who need customer support

Prerequisites for the customer motivation management course:

+ Be motivated to provide excellent customer service and create a great customer experience


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