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Training & Certificate Of neuromarketing management


E-Learning & Certification of neural marketing management (Neural marketing management): Neural marketing is a new and innovative field that connects consumer behavior with neuroscience. This concept was first developed by psychologists at Harvard University in 1990. In such a way that with the beginning of the 1990s and with the help of the simulation technique of two American and British doctors, Pellaterber and Petermansfield, the concepts of neuromarketing were created. One of the fields of neuroeconomics is “neuromarketing” in which neuroscientific data is used to address issues related to it. Neuromarketing is the application of achievements, tools and tests taken from the fields of science brain and nerves, psychology Science and neuroscience are used to measure biological reactions in the face of stimuli (communications, advertisements, strategies, new products and existing products). Researchers use fMRA to measure changes in different parts of the brain and EEG to study how to make decisions. customers pay. Large companies have established laboratories or partnered with academic departments to predict customer behavior. In the past, it was difficult to collect objective consumer information from traditional research methods. Through neuromarketing, it is easier to collect target data.

The most important features of this course are as follows:

+ It helps to better understand decision-making and customer preferences. + It introduces the principles and methods of promotion of commercial advertising. introduces products and its attractions.

Advantages of neuromarketing management:

+ filling gaps + linking physiological reactions with content + better reliability of results + value for money

List of headings E-Learning & Certification neuromarketing management:

_ an income on neuromarketing _ neuromarketing ( Basic neuromarketing) _ neuromarketing and sensory marketing _ audio training neuromarketing

Neuromarketing management course is useful for the following disciplines:

  • Management
  • Marketing

Neuromarketing course prerequisites:

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