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Training & Certificate Of ITIL management


E-Learning & Certification of ITIL management: ITIL, which stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is actually a collection of the best practical experiences from around the world in the field of IT service management, and today as one of the basic information It is considered for every IT engineer and manager. The structure of ITIL is a set of best practices related to the management of information technology services (ITSM). Information technology service management refers to a cycle that begins with the identification of customer needs and continues until the satisfaction of those needs in the form of information technology services. About thirty years ago, a group of specialists and experts in this field came together to take a step towards helping this emerging industry by collecting a complete set of effective methods in improving the provision of information technology services.

More details:

The result of this group’s activity during these years has been several versions of a framework called ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library. This framework has tried to play an effective role in providing efficient and effective services by providing sets of processes along with suggestions for organizational units. This course will help you get up to speed in ITIL. Because it is used in many organizations. And it’s embedded in many of the IT management tools you use every day. Knowing ITIL terminology, principles and key models will set you apart in today’s organizations. Because with this knowledge, you can land in teams and projects instead of hitting the wall without it.

The 5 stages of the Service Lifecycle are:

+ Service Strategy + Service Design + Service Transition + Service Operation + Continuous Service Improvement

course E-Learning & Certification Who is ITIL management suitable for:

+ This course is useful for you if you create, provide, support or improve IT services
[list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics
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