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Training & Certificate Of private international law


E-Learning & Certification of private international law, has been created to fully familiarize people with private international law. International law, a branch of Science rights that include the rules governing the relationships between individuals, organizations and governments that have at least one foreign and international element. In its most fundamental division, the science of law is divided into two main branches of public law and private law. Private international law is the science of studying the legal rules governing the relations between individuals of private law in the international sphere. The provisions of private international law determine which law should be implemented in case of conflicting laws in different legal systems in an international relationship, therefore in English-speaking countries and following common law, the term conflict of laws is usually used to refer to this branch of law. This course is tailored to the needs of law students around the world. Remember, this is not a substitute for full learning, but it is a good resource for students who want to cover the entire syllabus and for those who want a better, clearer and more condensed understanding of the principles. Or simply anyone interested in learning private international law.

Course Headings E-Learning & Certification Private International Law:

  • You will learn the important principles of conflict of laws / private international law.
  • Explanation about “learning gaps” you may have.

This course is for Who is it for:

  • Anyone interested in the principles of conflict of laws.
  • Students studying for an LL.B Common Law program.
  • Students sitting for law exams.


  • Basic understanding of conflict of laws / private international law
  • Law students Being is an advantage.

Private international law course prerequisites:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites. And the course is taught from the ground up. [/list_negative]


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