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Training & Certificate Of commercial law


E-Learning & Certification of business law is made to familiarize people with the concepts and laws of business law. Business rights include a discipline Rules and regulations that: from trade and commercial transactions, such as buying and selling goods, brokers, agents, and commissions, to transportation by sea, land, and air. , insurance operations and brokerage and exchange transactions and banking and capital and profit and commercial offices and public and private joint stock companies with limited and joint liability and relative and mixed and cooperative production and distribution and consumption and types of shares and company shares and company assemblies and how It discusses the establishment and manner of their management and the duties of their managers and inspectors, as well as commercial documents such as checks, bills of exchange, promissory notes, warehouse receipts, sales invoices and various contracts and joint and criminal responsibilities and bankruptcy of merchants and commercial companies and how to liquidate property and Assets of a bankrupt merchant and the duties of liquidation managers and organization of liquidation affairs and amicable agreement and termination of bankruptcy is another part of the discussions related to it. Business law is one of the terms of legal science and discusses businessmen and business law, business documents and various contracts. All businessmen’s activities are not necessarily covered by commercial law regulations, because these regulations have a special aspect. If there is no specific law in the commercial law, or if the commercial law is ambiguous, it is referred to the general law, which is the civil law.

Trade law can be divided into two branches:

  • Trade in real space.
  • Trade in virtual or electronic space. It is obvious that doing business and consequently the formation of business rights in the real world is fundamental and its regulations can be extended to electronic business as well.

List of course headings color: #ff6600;”> E-Learning & Certification business rights:

+ Business Law 1 + Business Law 2 + Business Law 3 + Commercial law 4 + Commercial law 5

E-Learning & Certification course of commercial law for majors The following is useful:

  • Commercial
  • Law

Prerequisite for the Business Law course:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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