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Training & Certificate Of principles of jurisprudence


E-Learning & Certification of the principles of jurisprudence, was created to familiarize people with the principles of jurisprudence. Principles of jurisprudence, knowledge which includes the necessary rules for ijtihad and deriving sub-shari’a rulings in Islamic jurisprudence. The historical background of this knowledge goes back to the death of the Prophet (PBUH). The principles of Islamic jurisprudence are discussed in which the rules of inference of Sharia rulings are discussed. This knowledge is more or less like the ratio between logic and philosophy. And at the present time, the most similar knowledge to it in the West is the knowledge of hermeneutics. Various definitions have been provided for the principles of jurisprudence, about which there are differences of opinion. In defining the principles of jurisprudence, Mohaghegh Khorasani says: “Principles of jurisprudence are the knowledge of the rules that have been prepared to obtain Shariah and secondary rulings.” Sahib Kefayyah says that the principles of jurisprudence are an art by which rules are known that may be used in deriving rulings or should be followed in practice. Some Sunni fundamentalists such as Abu Zohra have defined the principles of fiqh in such a way that it is the science of understanding the rules that we refer to in order to understand and derive fiqh. In the training course on principles of jurisprudence, you will get to know this science virtually.

The history of the knowledge of the principles of jurisprudence:

The principles of jurisprudence are among the knowledges that were born and developed in the lap of Islamic culture. What we call the knowledge of principles today and is cited by jurists, in the past, had a very simple and primitive form and like many other Islamic sciences, it has grown and evolved over time. The progress and evolution of the knowledge of principles can be divided into four main periods:
  • The era before the writings of the principles
  • The period of the beginning of the writings of the principles
  • The period of the development and initial flourishing of knowledge Principles
  • The era of evolution of the knowledge of principles

Prerequisites of the course E-Learning & Certification principles of jurisprudence :

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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