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Training & Certificate Of warehousing principles


E-Learning & Certification of warehousing principles has a positive effect on the order and arrangement of the warehouse. In general, the warehouse is a place and a place (under control), where one or more types of commercial, industrial goods, raw materials or different products are regularly stored. , classified and correctly stored in it for some time. TheTraining & Certificate Of the principles of warehousing provides the possibility of mass production of goods in the warehouse, and this requires accurate planning for timely and maximum use of Rami’s facilities. The division of labor and population growth has created the need to use other people’s products, and this itself is the basis for the emergence of advanced organizations, which in these complex technical-social systems, warehouse as an intermediary causes the circulation of goods from production to consumption. The warehouse can play an important role in the timely supply of the product, the normal flow of production, the stability of the product price, the repair and maintenance of machines, etc., so that the role of observing the principles of storage in business is undeniable.

Capabilities and skills of the storekeeper:

+ full familiarity with receiving, handling, storage operations, Delivery of goods. + Full familiarity with the principles of warehousing, product coding, familiarity with all types of warehouse documents. + Mastery and complete familiarity with raw materials, parts, semi-finished products, finished products and waste. + Ability to work with computer and warehouse software system. + Familiarity with FIFO and LIFO inventory circulation system. + Getting to know the characteristics of moving, storage and layout of warehouses. + Familiarity with logistics topics related to storage. + Familiarity with safety principles in warehouses. + Getting to know the principles of organizing and tidying up the work environment (5S).

List of course topics E-Learning & Certification principles of warehousing:

+ warehousing and purchase management + Principles of warehousing + inventory control methods in the warehouse + inspection and counting of goods in the warehouse + inventory + warehouse and inventory control software + warehousing principles and warehouse accounting and cost control + warehouse and inventory control + methods and prioritization of programs

Principles of warehousing is useful for the following fields:

[list_positive] field of administration [/list_positive]

Prerequisites of the training course of principles of warehousing:

  • This course is It does not require special prerequisites, and the course of warehousing principles is taught from the ground up. 2021/04/unnamed-file-38.png” sizes=”(max-width: 338px) 100vw, 338px” srcset=” -38.png 338w,×300.png 213w” alt=”Principles of Warehousing” width=”338″ height=”477 ” /> free sample certificate E-Learning & Certification of Excel 2018 educational standard Manual


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