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E-Learning & Certification of civil rights


E-Learning & Certification of civil rights is the most important branch of private law. which examines and adjusts the relationships of people in the society with each other regardless of their title and social position. Civil rights are called civil law in English and droit civil in French. which are derived from the Latin word jus civile (jus civile). which in the Roman Empire was referred to the rights governing the relations of the citizens of the Roman society. And it was used in contrast to human rights, which supervised the general rules governing the relations of the subjects of the Roman state with each other and with the citizens. In the Middle Ages, civil law was used in schools and universities in Europe to mean the law of Rome and against the Christian law. Gradually, with the importance of public law again, especially after the Great French Revolution (1789), this term was used in the sense of private law (the relations of individuals with each other). And it was used in opposition to public law (the relationship between individuals and the government). The French Civil Code ended in 1804. And in 1807 it was officially named as “Napoleon Code”. This law is the basis of civil rights in today’s written law countries. And more civil laws The world is regulated under the influence of “Napoleonic Code”. Gradually, with the developments that occurred in people’s lives, the public interest demanded that special rules be established for some social relations. And in this way, the various branches of private law were originally part of civil law, but now they have branched off from it. Civil rights in a general sense include all fields of private law (domestic and international).

And in a special sense, it includes the following topics:

a) Persons (name, residence, personal status, eligibility, status, guardianship) b) Family (marriage, divorce, kinship, alimony, custody, guardianship) c) ) property and assets (property, methods of acquisition, contracts and obligations, inheritance, gift, will) in addition to civil rights, in a special sense, including trade and maritime and aviation laws, labor and insurance laws, and territorial terms.

Course headings E-Learning & Certification civil rights :

+ Civil Rights Law + Civil Rights Issues + Civil Rights

Civil rights course prerequisites:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.
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