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Training & Certificate Of fire insurance assessor expert


Fire Insurance Appraiser E-Learning & Certification: Almost all countries have restrictive fire protection laws in every workplace. and ensure that this rules apply to plants. Therefore, the knowledge of fire is no longer a word or additional information. The damage is the loss caused by the occurrence of the risks that the insurer is responsible for. Fire insurance damage assessment in residential, office, commercial (non-industrial) uses, and industrial uses are the most requested to assess possible damages in the field of fire. which is done for two purposes: research on the investigation of the cause of the incident. It is the estimation and determination of the amount of damage that the policyholders are entitled to receive according to the conditions of the insurance policy. Fire insurance damage assessor while matching the components of the insurance policy with the existing situation and preparing photos of the damaged parts and querying the insurance premium. He observes the damaged items and interprets the damage, and also classifies and separates the burned and half-burned items. Then, in order to assess the amount of damage caused by the fire accident, he interprets it and prepares a report and adjusts the damage calculation form (determining the amount of damage).

Fire insurance damage estimation methods:

+ Fire observation and counting method + Weight method + Volume method + Estimation method + Comparison method between businesses and colleagues in the same order in terms of gender and rial volume of available items : The percentage of fire damage is determined based on the purchase or repair sheet. + Audit method of the insurer’s accounts and financial circulation + Research method from goods sellers to the insurer + Agreement and percentage method with the insured + A combination of the aforementioned methods

Period virtual learning Who is a fire insurance appraiser for? ?

+ Workers in industrial environments. + Applicants in health and safety jobs. + Health and safety experts. + Students and recent graduates looking to build a solid CV. + Everyone wants to protect their home, workplace, etc. from fire.

Prerequisites of this course:

+ No special prerequisites are required and the course teaches the basics to be


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