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Bachelor’s degree E-Learning & Certification and car damage assessment in insurance


Virtual expert training and assessment of car damage in insurance, is made to familiarize with the types of insurance damage and to assess car insurance damage. Assessing and settling damages is a very sensitive and complex task. Because the criterion of the insurer’s judgment is the performance of how he deals with the victims. Especially in car insurance, where the car is a real need and the attention of different strata, and among its problems, there are many traffic accidents and financial losses. Therefore, insurers should look for a way to get out of the circle of dissatisfaction of policyholders, the emergence of an institution called insurance loss assessment institutions and the use of their services by insurers is a suitable way to reduce dissatisfaction and customer orientation.

Duties of car damage assessment in insurance:

Expertise and car damage assessment in insurance is related to the field of services of the financial and commercial affairs occupational group and includes the tasks of: reviewing the principles and laws of commercial insurance and the approved regulations and bylaws Central insurance, damage investigation and analysis of the type of accident and types of risks (before and during the visit), damage investigation and analysis and how to value the types of cars, damage assessment of light and heavy vehicles, analysis of the damage assessment report, preparation and completion of the damage assessment report and document storage and records of damage reports.

How is the damage determination done by the expert assessor:

By visiting the damaged car, the amount of damage is assessed by the expert assessor. During the visit of the damaged car, the expert will write down the cost of repairs and replacement items needed for repairs and worn out and replacement items to be recycled in a written report form and evaluate the amount of damage. Before taking any action, the evaluator expert should match the full details of the car such as license plate number, chassis number, engine, model and color of the car with the insurance policy and the contents of the file and keep in mind that once the damage is declared to the insurer, it is considered proven and should Pay the damage if: + the insured risk has occurred. + damage caused by the realization of the insured risk. + The damage caused is directly caused by the insured risk. + The damaged property is the same property that is insured.

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification expertise and assessment of car damage in insurance:

+ Assessment and damage estimation of various insurances + The role of insurance in vehicle accidents + Body damage payment instructions + Motorcycle insurance rules and regulations + How to issue technical examination + Principles and rules of insurance + General conditions of car insurance

Bachelor’s degree and car damage assessment in insurance is useful for the following fields:

+ Insurance management

Prerequisite for bachelor’s degree and car damage assessment In insurance :

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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