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Training & Certificate Of goods clearance manager


E-Learning & Certification of the supervisor of goods clearance: In general, it can be said that goods clearance means doing all the actions you do to release your imported and exported goods from customs. The actions of transporting and releasing the goods are usually carried out by the owners of the goods or their legal representatives. During the process and stages of order registration and goods release, the necessary documents and documents for customs clearance must be prepared, prepared and registered in physical or electronic form, and its costs, which include taxes, customs duties, commercial profit and other facilities, must be provided. To be presented or declared to importers and exporters. Since carrying out these actions is a specialized and complex task and requires complete familiarity with its process, usually the process of clearing goods from customs is entrusted to a person called clearance worker.

Course headings Virtual Learning Clearance Manager:

+ Business Law + Export and import regulations + Customs law + Incoterms + Clearance Guide + Customs management and operational program + Warehousing and distribution purchasing systems + Inventory coding instructions Warehouse + Smuggling of goods and customs violations + Safe entry software

Other headings :

+ Safe login guide to cross-border trade window site + Soft training Transit declaration software + Training of attorney system software + Training of product ID codes + Ethical Code of Customs + Export remote declaration software training + Training on electronic inquiry of customs license + Purchase guide and foreign orders + Training to register the entry of carriers’ licenses in the trade unit window system cross-border + Guide to strip warehouses + Training on how to submit mobile ID information on the window site of the cross-border trade unit

Summary of customs clearance duties

+ Providing advice To people in the field of commodity tariffs and checking the real value of imported and exported goods + having complete information about all the circulars and customs laws and updating this information + Presentation of all payment slips and expenses incurred in customs as customs documents to the owner of the goods + Receiving the necessary permits for the export of goods and the import of goods + Having experience in the process of clearance of goods in the shortest time and at the lowest cost

Prerequisites of the training course Supervisor of goods clearance:

[list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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