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Training & Certificate Of fire behavior


virtual fire behavior training has been created to familiarize people with how to behave in a fire and fire safety. Fire is one of the oldest disasters that can endanger people’s property and health in a short time. According to the definition of fire, it is burn combustible materials or unwanted fire and in the moment The occurrence is out of control, which is usually accompanied by smoke, heat and light. A fire is a fire that originates from a heat source at the moment of uncontrollable occurrence (accident), or leaves a certain controlled heat source and spreads and develops with its heat force. Fire fighting is a set of actions that are taken to deal with fire by extinguishing, controlling or directing unwanted fires. The goals of firefighting are to protect people’s health, prevent property damage, and protect the environment. Firefighting is a very technical skill that requires long periods both in general fields such as fire fighting and in specialized fields such as rescue operations. A person who is specialized in fire fighting skills is called a fireman.

Course chapters E-Learning & Certification fire behavior is:

  • Why we should learn fire safety .
  • What is fire, what are its benefits and dangers.
  • Classification of fire and the difference between British and American standards.
  • Fire extinguishing methods based on classification.
  • How fire spreads through different processes.
  • Fire risk assessment.
  • Additional information such as fire point, flash point, flash and background.

This Who is the course for:

  • Science students want to know more about fire safety.
  • Engineering students want to understand fire safety.
  • >
  • Engineers who want to pursue a career in fire safety.
  • Safety professionals who want to gain online certification from their work experience.
  • Anyone who It wants to save people, property and the environment from the danger of fire.

Prerequisites of fire behavior course:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and The course is taught from the ground up. [/list_negative]
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