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Training & Certificate Of general population policies


E-Learning & Certification of general population policies: We are at a very important moment in human history. Our population is already growing at an astonishing rate growth , but recently this growth has slowed down. This course provides an overview of recent changes in human population, describing the demographic transition and its effects on specific countries. And at the end of the evaluation of the impact of population aging, it concludes. “General population policies” in Iran are among the general policies of the system. which is discussed in the expediency council. Its draft text will be presented to the leader of Iran and will be communicated after his signature. The general population policies are among Iran’s top documents. In fact, it replaces population growth policy with population limitation policy.

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The general policies of the population is a merit in the health and safety group, which works such as promoting the dynamics, growth and youth of the population by increasing fertility, creating suitable facilities for mothers, especially during the period of fertility and breastfeeding. Promoting and institutionalizing the Islamic-Iranian lifestyle, improving life expectancy, ensuring the health and healthy nutrition of the population, preventing social harm. Empowerment of the working age population should be done along with culture building and it is related to the standard of competence of general health policies.

What you will learn in the General Population Policy course:

+ In this course, you will learn about human population trends, demographic transition and the impact of population aging

Course Virtual Learning General Policies Who is the right population for:

+ No previous knowledge is required This course is intended for anyone interested in human population changes

Prerequisites of the E-Learning & Certification course on general population policies:

+ This course is taught from the basics and needs It does not require special prerequisites.  


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