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Swedish massage E-Learning & Certification


Swedish massage E-Learning & Certification: Swedish massage is the most common and well-known western massage. In fact, Swedish massage is the basis of sports massage, deep tissue massage, massage and other famous massages. Unlike Asian massages that focus on the body’s energy channels, therapists use Swedish massage to stimulate circulation, drain the circulatory system, release tight muscles, restore range of motion, and relieve pain.

Benefits of Swedish massage

+ Calms the nervous system and eliminates depression + Improving the blood circulation system + stimulating the lymphatic system that transports body waste products + Relieving body muscle spasm and relieving pain + Improving pain caused by arthritis and sciatica Note: If fever, infection, inflammation, osteoporosis, and If you have such problems, massage is not a good choice. If you are sick, do not shave without at least consulting your doctor. If in doubt, talk to a specialist before booking a Swedish massage.

List of headings E-Learning & Certification swedish massage:

+ Definitions and terms of massage + Masaz room and equipment + Getting to know Swedish massage + Swedish massage techniques + Music for Massage therapy

Prerequisites for this course:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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