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E-Learning & Certification PBA successful management in the clinic


E-Learning & Certification of PBA successful management in the clinic, Today, from the smallest clinics to the largest paraclinic, they need basic management according to their specific conditions in order to run and be productive. It is necessary to manage the clinic, planning and having an adequate view of the implementation of the short-term, medium-term and long-term plans of the clinic. Planning for clinic management, in addition to complete knowledge of treatment, requires other management factors. including human resources, laws and approvals of the Ministry of Health, insurance organizations, knowing the geographical context of the region from the cultural-economic point of view of the residents, being familiar with judicial laws and benefiting from relevant consultants, having sufficient information about the latest medical tools and technology, as well as information Engineering and structure is the necessity of any therapeutic activity beyond the clinic that requires obtaining the necessary permits from the Ministry of Health through the relevant treatment departments. Unfortunately, some doctors, without sufficient and informed investigations and without using the experiences of consultants, started to establish a clinic and got involved in many problems from the very beginning and while paying unnecessary costs, they spend their precious time in vain. In this course, in addition to getting to know the clinic and its different parts and their efficiency, you will also get to know how to manage it.

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification PBA successful management in the clinic:

+ Developing a business plan + Strategic management + Regulations for establishing a clinic + Human resource management + Negotiation principles and techniques + Client relationship management + Office interior design

Successful management in the clinic PBA course is useful for the following disciplines It is :

+ It can be useful for all fields related to medicine.

Prerequisites of the PBA training course Successful management in the clinic:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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