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Training & Certificate Of ventilation operations in buildings and closed spaces


E-Learning & Certification of ventilation operations in buildings and closed spaces, makes people familiar with ventilation and types of ventilation in buildings. Moving hot air, smoke or other suspended dust from the air of a building and replacing it with fresh air. They say ventilation. Generally, air conditioning is the task of providing air conditioning in terms of Temperature Control</ (cooling), humidity (humidifier and dehumidifier), reducing pollution (air purifier) etc. are for human comfort. Today, with the gradual warming of the global temperature, things like choosing The type of air conditioning systems, the updating of air conditioning systems, increasing the quality and efficiency of these equipments, have gained double importance. By checking, controlling and accurate engineering calculations, you can always find a more suitable air conditioning system to optimize energy consumption, save The costs of purchase, service and optimal maintenance of equipment, etc. were considered.

Types of air conditioning systems:

In general, air conditioning systems are divided into two categories: domestic, industrial and semi-industrial air conditioning systems
  • Independent air conditioning systems (mini chiller, duct split, gas cooler, water cooler)
  • Central air conditioning systems (such as chillers and cooling towers)


  • Cost for Each unit is independent
  • Independence in system maintenance costs in each unit
  • Removal of the general piping network from the central engine room to the consumption areas in the building


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