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Training & Certificate Of entrepreneurship with the KAB approach


E-Learning & Certification of entrepreneurship with the KAB approach is for getting to know the concepts and duties of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship with the approach (KAB) is a supplementary level of competence from the service field, financial and commercial affairs group, which includes the tasks of: examining how to organize Businesses, examining how to run a business, identifying resources for starting a small business, preparing a business plan, identifying social enterprises. Increasing the importance of employment and maintaining and developing The job has drawn the attention of policy makers and managers of the world to the importance of providing entrepreneurship education and fostering entrepreneurial people.

What is KAB?

(KAB Business About Know) is a comprehensive model of entrepreneurship education, which is specially designed for skilled learners and skilled learners who have sufficient familiarity with a technology or skill branch by the International Training Center of Turin, Italy. ITC) has been designed and implemented in more than 26 countries of the world, including Iran. “KAB” is available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese languages and even localized in other countries such as Portugal, Senegal, Tamil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan.

Characteristics of entrepreneurs

First and foremost, we examine the skills and abilities that an entrepreneur should have; He must take initiative and come up with a change idea or a potentially new concept that can succeed in a crowded market. Note that investors usually tend to invest in ideas and concepts that they feel will generate sufficient returns for their capital and investment, and therefore, the entrepreneur needs a truly innovative idea for a new investment.

Head of the course chapters E-Learning & Certification entrepreneurship with KAB approach is:

  • Examining how to organize business enterprises
  • Investigating how to run a business enterprise
  • Identifying resources to start a small business enterprise and work
  • preparing a business plan
  • identifying social enterprises
  • getting to know entrepreneurship
  • the basics of organizational behavior
  • Getting to know the types of business
  • Finding ideas

Prerequisites for the entrepreneurship training course with the KAB approach:

[list_negative] This course has special prerequisites It is not required and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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