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E-Learning & Certification of transportation economics


E-Learning & Certification of transportation economics: Various trends have emerged in the field of economic sciences, one of which is the trend of transportation economics. The purpose of establishing such a trend is to acquaint students with the economic concepts and features of transportation, traditional and modern transportation methods, choosing a means of evaluating transportation services, evaluating transportation plans and projects, and other such cases. and the examination of various theories presented in the field of transportation communication and economic development. In this direction, special points regarding land, sea, air transportation, oil lines and pipelines are also examined. Transportation consists of two parts, one is transportation substructures and the other is transportation vehicles. In order to make optimal use of this transportation system, this field is held in Azad University to provide the possibility of training the skilled and specialized human resources needed by the country at the undergraduate level. The development of transportation, as everyone knows, has more and more knowledge and high technology. Therefore, in Iran today, along with this increase in knowledge and technology, i.e. new techniques of transportation, we must train skilled and specialized forces. So that we can use this transportation system optimally in terms of transportation infrastructure.

Course headings Virtual Learning Transportation Economics:

+ Shipping information + Economy of Iran + Macroeconomics + Transportation and transportation of goods, insurance and inspection + transportation + rights Business + Transport location and its impact on the economy + Economic systems + Financial and international affairs

Geography of transport system +

Transportation economy +

Prerequisite for the transportation economy training course:

[ list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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