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Traffic safety E-Learning & Certification


virtual safety training in traffic, in order to manage and control as well as ensure the correct and legal application and use of any technology and to prevent or even minimize the harmful effects caused by it, to Usually a series of rules and regulations are established. On the one hand, by teaching such regulations, the field of correct and legal use will be provided for the users. And on the other hand, there should be strict enforcement and supervision by the executives. In addition, the existence of scientific and legal rules and regulations determines the rights of people who may suffer damages in case of improper use by others or themselves. In the traffic safety training course, things like: the necessity of traffic regulations, the description of key elements in these laws and regulations (people, vehicles, issues related to traffic control, traffic signs and signs, and traffic fines), legal tools and methods of implementing traffic laws It is paid on the country’s roads, the most important of which is the road police. According to five key components: organization, policy, training, vehicles and equipment, the benefits and effects of implementing traffic laws by the traffic police on the country’s roads will be pointed out. Therefore, the traffic police should focus on preventing road accidents, which can be done with proper training, effective organization of the police force, equipping them with advanced vehicles and devices, and focusing on traffic violations and preventing unsafe driver behavior. will accept

Summary of this course:

Law enforcement is needed to have a safe road and regular traffic flow. With the legalization of traffic, the way people use the roads is regulated. And normally this work is for the movement of people and vehicles on the main public roads and related activities. In the legislative system, as much as possible, primary laws should provide the basic requirements and framework of the work. And the secondary laws (i.e. the government regulations) specify the details. This will develop and improve the initial plan. And if necessary, by applying the law, we can expect safer behavior from people. Most of the traffic control forces in the country are known for their lack of experience, lack of equipment, vehicles, and frequent changes of employees. And considering that the number of traffic workers is often high. But the lack of experienced and trained officers reduces their effectiveness and efficiency. In many of the mentioned issues, education is essential. Including: traffic management, accident inspection, how to patrol the main roads, driving a motorcycle and car and management skills.

Course headings E-Learning & Certification Safety in traffic:

+ Safety principles in road transportation + Prevention of traffic accidents + Pedestrian safety + Children crossing safety + Reduction of vehicle road accidents and animals + The plan to improve the safety of motorcyclists + Prevention of transportation accidents in young people + Urban traffic safety and control equipment + Vehicle passenger safety improvement plan + Traffic Engineering

Prerequisites of the training course Traffic safety:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.


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