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E-Learning & Certification on ISO 21500 project management topics


E-Learning & Certification on ISO 21500 project management topics: Iso is an international organization. which has duties just like other international organizations. And it can be implemented and supported at the international level and in all countries. The task of the ISO organization is to develop international standards based on the demands and legal conditions of all countries and in order to integrate all processes. And the routine of doing things with the aim of facilitating production and development in the shadow of supporting the producer and consumer.

Iso is derived from the Greek word isos, which means equality. And it actually states the main purpose of a standard. But the International Organization for Standardization will not have the abbreviation ISO in Latin. In fact, the term International Organization for Standardization is abbreviated to the concept of the International Organization for Standardization. ios, so iso is not a derivative of this phrase.

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Now project management is rapidly becoming one of the most prominent and popular professional and job fields in the world and Iran. Is. Many organizations active in carrying out projects in various industries are applying project management knowledge to benefit from its proven results. The most important results of applying project management knowledge for organizations are the successful completion of projects in accordance with the defined goals. and obtaining the satisfaction of the key stakeholders of the projects. In this regard, the use of reliable international standards in the field of project management such as ISO 21500: 2012. A reliable solution for achieving the success of projects and further business development of organizations in charge of projects. This international standard is a broad description of the concepts and Appropriate processes that shape project management. It also provides necessary guidance on project management concepts and processes that are important for project performance and affect it.

Course headings E-Learning & Certification ISO 21500 project management topics:

+ Getting to know ISO 21500 standard + ISO 21500 standard requirements

ISO 21500 project management topics course prerequisites:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.
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