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Training & Certificate Of financial market analysis


E-Learning & Certification of a financial market analyst: A financial analyst is an expert and experienced person in the field of financial markets, Investment , natural and legal persons. The solutions that these people provide can be very effective for the success of businesses and their progress. For this reason, financial analysis is one of the most sensitive and important jobs in society and requires a series of personal characteristics and knowledge. The financial market is a market where natural and legal persons trade financial securities, goods. Other like-for-like assets pay low transaction fees. Various experiences indicate that managers of most companies, even large companies, have many problems in the field of finance. Because the country needs trained human resources to analyze the international financial markets in the world’s prestigious stock exchanges.

More details:

On the other hand, banks, financial and credit institutions and companies that are directly or indirectly related to international financial markets. They can overcome unwanted fluctuations by properly analyzing such markets.

Skills needed by financial analysts:

+ Communication skills + Problem solving skills + Analysis skills + Decision making skills + Writing skills to provide the best written reports to employers + Speaking skills and presenting results and new content + Using skills in communication and information technology in order to better use software tools and provide the best solutions

Course headings E-Learning & Certification financial market analyst:

+ Getting to know the basic concepts + Getting to know the concepts of the capital market and the stock exchange + The basics of markets and financial institutions + Monetary and financial organizations + Markets, institutions and financial tools of the new approach

Prerequisites for the financial market analysis training course:

[list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up. [/list_negative]


In this helpline program, RCO Academy helps you to receive a degree equivalent to your skill level by participating in the virtual course or by evaluating your supporting documents.

In this program, you can be evaluated by sending your educational records, skill training courses, a C.V of valid work experience, or participating in RCO online exam.

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