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Training & Certificate Of budget management


E-Learning & Certification of budget management, budget is a quantitative statement of the performance plan, which helps managers in coordinating and implementing the plan. And it is used to plan actions that have an impact on the company for several years. Some consider the budget as a plan that determines the efficient and effective allocation of limited resources of a business unit or any other organization in a certain period. The main benefits of budgeting are: – An effective tool for using the company’s resources in the most profitable and productive way – A tool for control and planning and empowering management in predicting changes. and ways to adapt the company to them. – Coordinating tool of the company’s internal activities – An auxiliary tool for management in understanding the relationship of its unit with the entire company and with the employees under guidance – The most important financial tool of the participants in this course, in addition to a comprehensive understanding of the principles governing budgeting, the budgeting process and Comprehensive budget will be familiar with budgeting methods.

How to estimate the costs incurred in the project, which includes the following:

+ Types of Costs + Estimate the cost of tools and techniques. + Handle risk reserve costs + Quality cost + Documenting costs based on estimates

How to determine project budgets, including:

+ Set the base price. + Estimate budget needs. + Determine the project budget.

How to control project costs, through:

+ Using earned value management techniques to evaluate project performance + Calculation of CPI, SPI, CV, SV + Project forecasting using cost earned value management tools includes you

What in the E-Learning & Certification you will learn budget management:

+ How to estimate the costs of a project + How to determine the project budget + How to control project costs + How to use earned value management indicators

Prerequisites of the budget management training course:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.
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