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EViews software E-Learning & Certification


E-Learning & Certification of EViews software is a comprehensive course to learn about this software. EViews, which stands for Econometric Views, is a software package designed to estimate and simulate econometric patterns, designed by QMS or Quantive Micro Software. In 2010, this company was acquired by IHS software company, and currently this software belongs to IHS in America. EViews is a modern and advanced econometric software package. Recently, Eviews 12 version has come to the market, which of course is paid for now (April 1400). This software A powerful analytical tool in a beautiful, flexible and easy to use graphical user interface. You, dear users, have provided. Using EViews software, you can manage your information and data quickly and efficiently. Also do econometric and statistical analyzes on them. Model prediction and simulation, production of very high quality graphs and tables for publication is also possible. Easily insert the output chart and table of Evioz in your thesis or Word report.

Eviews software provides users with:

  • the possibility of analyzing cross-sectional, time series, tabular data.
  • Descriptive statistics analysis.
  • Draw autocorrelation graphs.
  • Unit root test, coefficients, wald, elimination of stability simple and specification error, heterogeneity of variance.
  • Perform regression tests.
  • >
  • Making predictions using static and dynamic equations.

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification EViews software:

+ Eviuz software training + Types of charts + Types of simples + Introduction to economics + Formula writing + Econometrics with Eviuz + Data mining + Economy Applied Econometrics 1 + Applied Econometrics 2 + Statistical Analysis + drawing graphs + estimating autocorrelation functions + Data

EViews software training course is useful for the following fields:

  • Economy
  • Commercial
  • Accounting
  • Management

Eviews software training course prerequisites:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and It is taught from the ground up. [/list_negative]


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