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Training & Certificate Of engineer, designer and general web developer


E-Learning & Certification of engineer, designer and general web developer: Various experts are used to produce an internet website, one of which is a web designer. The web designer is more concerned with the design and programming of the external layer of the site. And other programmers are engaged in producing software code to produce, control and process the content that is displayed in different parts of the website. The web designer must visualize the appearance of the website in his mind and understand how the website will work. A web designer does not necessarily need to have a relevant degree, although most designers have experience in other types of design or have been trained in web design. As a web designer, you can work on all kinds of sites, from educational and advertising sites to online stores. The activities of a web developer are very similar to a web designer, but at the same time they are different from him. Unlike a web designer, a web developer focuses more on proper coding and not so much on visual aesthetics. He pays more attention to the details of the site and deals more with coding programs. If these two work together or if a person has both capabilities, a beautiful and principled website design will be presented, which is both visually and in terms of code and principles.

What’s in the course virtual learning Design Engineer and General Web Developer You will learn:

+ Build 23+ custom web design and development projects by hand + Learn more than 18 professional fields + Design your own website project from scratch for launch And code! + Planning, designing and coding fully customized websites and applications + Modern tools Explore web design + Code at a sufficient skill level with HTML and CSS + with Code HTML5 and CSS3 websites and apps + Code basic games and animations with CSS3 and jQuery + Easily use Adobe Photoshop to manipulate photos, create and design graphics + Modern tools like Figma, Adobe XD and use Photoshop to design and create a web prototype + Design a professional and modern business card in Adobe Photoshop + Teach beginners UX and UI design

Other titles

+ Teach beginners principles of visual design + Learn how to wireframe and optimize UX for websites and web apps + Learn how to choose the right font combination for your projects + Create beautiful color schemes based on scientific color theory + Code a simple “tip calculator” in Javascript + A useful web application Build “To Do List” in jQuery UI + Easily set web host and domain names + Program simple PHP programs + Design, build and manage custom database-driven websites with MySQL + Build a fully functional “customer address book” with PHP and MySQL + in 5 minutes WordPress blog Launch + Manage your client’s WordPress websites + Learn how to Get hired as a full-time web designer or web developer + Learn how to start a profitable freelance business as a web designer or web developer + Learn how to make a full-time income from any subject you study! + Start a side push as a web designer or developer + Learn to How to convince your first (or next) client for web design

Who is the general web developer and designer engineer training course for?

+ Web developers and programmers looking to dramatically improve their design skills + Graphic and web designers who want programming skills and <a style="color: #ff6600;" href=" %db%8c-%d9%85%d9%87%d9%86%d8%af%d8%b3-%d8%b7%d8%b1%d8%a7%d8%ad-%d8%aa%d9% Development Improve Your Web + Total beginners who want to learn how to plan, design and code websites and make amazing apps + People who want to make a comfortable living online as a designer or developer + Freelancers who want to provide greater value to their web design clients + Designers and developers who want to know how to can start a successful freelance business + Anyone who likes a little fun

Prerequisites for this course:

+ Previous knowledge of web design or coding + Any OS: Mac , PC, Linux + Expensive software required  


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How to Achieve RCO Certificate
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