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Training & Certificate Of e-commerce and its applications in business


E-Learning & Certification of e-commerce and its applications in business, is made to familiarize with e-commerce. Electronic commerce is the process of buying, selling or exchanging products, services and information through computer networks and the Internet. Today, most large organizations around the world use the Internet to meet their communication, scientific, research, and business needs. E-commerce, like any other digital technology or consumer-driven shopping market, has evolved over the years. As mobile devices become more popular, mobile phone business has also found its own market. With the emergence of sites like Facebook and Pinterest, social networks have become an important driver for e-commerce. For example, according to Paymill, since 2014, sales made on the trading platform Shopify, which was due to the ads on social networks, in 85% of cases buyers were directed to this platform using the ads on Facebook.

Advantages of e-commerce for businesses:

+ Increasing customer base + Increasing sales + Expanding the business area + Simplifying periodic payments + Instant transactions

Disadvantages of e-commerce for businesses:

+Security issues +Payment and financial issues +Need to allocate more money for e-commerce infrastructure + Referral of goods and after-sales services + Availability of sufficient internet services +Continuous maintenance

Course headings list E-Learning & Certification e-commerce and its applications in business:

+ Electronic Commerce + Electronic Commerce 1 + Electronic commerce 2 + Electronic banking + Implementation of electronic commerce + Basic concepts of e-commerce + E-commerce and banking software packages

E-commerce course and application It is useful in business for the following fields:

+ Electronics + Computer

Prerequisites of the e-commerce training course and its applications in business:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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