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Computer engineer E-Learning & Certification in business process reengineering


Computer engineer E-Learning & Certification in business process reengineering: BPR process reengineering is one of the approaches to organizational improvement or prosperity that entered the management literature since the 1980s. This approach was popularized in Iran since 1374 with the translation of the book “Redesigning Companies”. This approach is a management technique for improvement and it focuses its main attention on the process, but instead of small changes and reforms, it believes in the necessity of making major changes and leaps in organizations. Therefore, the risk of implementing these projects in the organization, especially those that have not reached sufficient maturity, is usually very high and they mostly fail. Reengineering means starting from scratch. BPR It is not about patching up the tears, but putting aside the old methods and creating a new attitude towards business in order to create a product or service for the organization and in the direction of the customer’s desired value; BPR means asking the question that if I wanted to build this organization today based on my knowledge and current technology, what would it look like? BPR means discarding old systems and starting over. This requires starting over and inventing a better way of doing things. In this course, we cover a very important concept that businesses use to stay relevant and competitive, which is Business Process Reengineering (BPR). You will learn what business processes are, how to evaluate existing processes and come up with better ones.  

What you will learn in the E-Learning & Certification course Computer Engineer in Business Process Reengineering:

+ Overview of BPR, its goals and applications + Defining, mapping and measuring business processes + Analyzing where value is added in a business + Mapping the “as is” process to the “to be” process + Six Sigma + Customer Success Results  

Who is the computer engineer in business process reengineeringtraining course suitable for?

+ Entrepreneurs + Business Managers + Innovators &nbsp ;

Prerequisites of this course:

+ This course does not require special prerequisites and is based on Education It will be given.  


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