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Katia’s E-Learning & Certification


Katia E-Learning & Certification, It is a parts design software that is widely used in the industry. And it is a specialized software for mechanical engineering. In fact, it is a complete engineering software that belongs to IBM. CATIA software is one of the most powerful modeling, design, drawing and construction software. which has a very high efficiency in the fields of aerospace engineering, civil engineering, industry and electricity. And many famous design offices in the world, such as Boeing, Cessna and Embraer, which are among the aircraft design and manufacturing companies, have taken full advantage of this software. .

Course headings E-Learning & Certification Katia :

+ Preliminaries + Modification commands + Styling surface commands + parts design + parametric design + Design project + Shape Operation commands  

Who is this course for:

+ A student with no prior knowledge of any modeling software. + CATIA V5 beginners who want to learn it quickly. + People who knew CATIA V5 earlier but forgot and want to refresh in very little time. + Anyone who communicates through technical drawings and representations as part of their study or work. + Working professionals looking to upgrade their skills.

Main highlights of the course:

+ A beginner can start practicing the instrument from the very first session. + This course is designed in such a way that you can use the concepts you will learn in this course, other 3D CAD modeling software packages. also learn easily.


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