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Training & Certificate Of trade union accounting 2


E-Learning & Certification of Accountancy of Trade Unions 2: A trade union is a unit that has many people, but these people, in addition to having a common type, all belong to a certain trade of that type, such as: trade Poet, man, and woman who have true unity. It is impossible to manage the affairs of economic units, including commercial, non-commercial, production and service, without using financial information and developing the tasks and roles of financial management, and the use of accounting and financial information is the basic basis for decisions. In Iran, there are a large number of trade unions that play an important role in the country’s economy. One of the problems of these trade unions is the low level of education of their employees and the lack of proper financial knowledge among the managers and owners of these units. The purpose of creating a professional associate degree in accounting – accounting of trade unions is to solve these problems and train specialized human resources in the financial field for small and medium trade unions. In this field, by mastering the principles and basics of financial management, students gain the necessary abilities to apply scientific principles in managing the financial affairs of trade unions.

What’s in the course E-Learning & Certification You will learn the accounting of trade unions 2:

+ How to S & Traded P500 effectively + A simple scalping strategy to double a trading account + How to deal with emotions in live trading + Identify risk management issues related to market positions + Get to know practical trading techniques (Scalping) + Scalping Specifications S & P500

Who is the accounting training course for trade units 2 suitable for?

+ A businessman who lost his deal in business + Students who want to become a businessman + Beginner businessman

Prerequisites of this course :

+ Open mind and willingness to learn + Understanding Basic forex or stock market trading + Even a Trader Novice with very little understanding of technical analysis can take this course


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