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Training & Certificate Of trade union problem solving


E-Learning & Certification of trade union problem solving: The issue of presenting the problem solving model of trade union units in the field of transformation management in trade unions and organizations has always been the focus of experts and activists in the field of management. Problem solving is the first step of any organization and company for the growth and promotion of problems, which is done to achieve a desired position and achievement. For their growth and development, guilds and organizations must transform from within and move towards excellence, and this is the philosophy of evolution and the existential necessity of organization managers.

Perhaps the first thing that any company or organization that wants to grow or that wants to solve its problems and therefore moves towards management techniques, should do a complication analysis of the current situation of that organization. .

For their growth and development, organizations must transform from within and move towards excellence, superiority and maturity. And this is the philosophy of evolution and the existential necessity of the managers of the organizations so that they spend more of their energy, time and resources to maintain the status quo, and spend more on the improvement and development and growth of the organization. But despite this importance and necessity, simples and factors affecting organizations are becoming more complex day by day. Therefore, not only the development and evolution of the organization, but also maintaining the appropriate status quo becomes more difficult due to the diversity and multiplicity of environmental factors and the increasing complexity within organizations. But there is no other way but to solve problems, overcome obstacles and go through the rough road for survival and growth.


Course Titles E-Learning & Certification Complications of guild units:

+ Ability to use sales techniques in the organization

+ Ability to check inflation and account for the effects of changing the inflation rate

+ Ability to analyze financial statements and audit

+ Ability to calculate profit, loss, cost, consumption and pricing

+ Ability to work in the market and marketing principles

+ Accounting ability in trade unions

+ Ability and use of general rules and regulations of trades

+ Ability and use of trade union law and executive letters


The stages of a problem-finding project are as follows:

1- General understanding of the organization.

2- Preparing the initial list of symptoms complications in the organization.

3- Preparing the initial list of possible complications in the organization.

4- Collecting basic information about the realities of the organization.

5- Getting to know the decision-makers and managers of the investigated company or organization.

6- Understanding the limitations and evaluation of the employer’s policies.

7- Identifying the employer’s understanding of the problem.

8- Testing the employer’s understanding of Problem.

9- Clarification of the employer’s expectations.

10- The employer’s agreement with the title of the problem and the employer’s expectations from the completion of the problem-finding project.

11- Writing a complication plan

Prerequisites of this course:

+ This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.


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