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E-Learning & Certification to receive the halal badge


E-Learning & Certification to receive the halal mark, The World Halal Institute was established in 2007 in order to spread the halal culture, and after the approval of the halal food standard by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in 2010, it expanded its activities to new areas of explanation. He developed “halal science”, “halal regulations” and “halal professional ethics”.

This standard is used for the following cases:

A- Raw materials and food additives that are of animal or intoxicating origin. These ingredients can include: all kinds of additives, preservatives, flavors, thickeners. And like it with animal base and intoxicants such as gelatin, whey, albumin and enzyme compounds. B- Food products that, in their production and processing, at any rate, even if only partially, raw materials and additives of animal origin. or intoxicants are used. . These products can include: all kinds of meat, dairy, oil products. beverages and fermented and alcoholic products and their derivatives. C- raw materials, additives and food products. which may be in contact with impure or non-halal substances at any stage of the food chain. These steps can include receiving, preparation, processing. to split. Extraction, extraction, determination, packaging. Labeling, marking, control, handling, transportation, distribution, storage, supply and serving of food Halal. and its products including food ingredients and processing aids. T- The raw materials of food additives and products whose production method may be such that it leads to a change in the principle of food solubility. Like grape juice, which is forbidden due to boiling until two-thirds of it evaporates. All the requirements and features listed in the halal standard have been considered for use in all legal authorities of the country that are related to the food chain.

Course headings virtual learning get Halal badge:

+ Halal standard text + Halal food production and receiving the Halal mark + halal standards

Prerequisites of the training course to receive the halal badge:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.


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