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E-Learning & Certification on ISO 20000 IT service management topics


ISO 20000 IT Service Management Topics E-Learning & Certification: In this age, the businesses that provide the best service survive and when technology becomes the only means to provide the best service, IT service management takes place. There is no question why, but it is a necessity. Enables organizations to build businesses around better IT support structures so they can create the best product or service. ITSM refers to the set of processes, policies and procedures that help an organization to plan, manage and implement IT services. The primary goal of ITSM is to align IT with business needs by transforming IT from a firefighting team to an internal service provider. This evolution has also brought about changes in the expectations of business leaders, some of which include:
  • Achieve cost efficiencies by optimizing business processes and operations.
  • Prepare for change. Capture the future.
  • Improve risk management through better compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Better knowledge sharing across the organization.
  • An ITSM solution waiting gap
  • An ITSM solution provides the maturity to implement automation and simplify IT service delivery processes according to business objectives.

Benefits of the course E-Learning & Certification ISO 20000 IT Service Management Topics :

+ This helps in setting service expectations and standards. + Helps measure performance. + This helps to perform root cause analysis of recurring problems. + Ensures that IT services are available for business-critical operations. + Ensures visibility of services available to employees. + Enhance self-service among employees, which translates into business cost savings.  

training course ISO 20000 IT service management topicsfor whom is it suitable?

+ Information technology service management foundation for It is designed for professionals involved in IT service management processes. People who are interested in a wider scope of IT service management system.  

Prerequisites for this course:

+ It does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.  
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