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Training & Certificate Of MBA in IT management


E-Learning & Certification of MBA in information technology management: Today’s organizations are experiencing an exceptional period of transition from traditional business environments to a new environment based on different paradigms and new laws of the information age. Entering the competitive business environment with new conditions is an inevitable phenomenon. Management in these conditions and different environment requires different knowledge and experience compared to the common knowledge of management and organization. The trend of MITM has been designed since 2001 at the same time as the beginning of these developments in the country and the approval of large plans for the use of information technology (IT) in organizations. Business Management MBA major in Information Technology Management is a response to the needs of today’s progressive and dynamic managers. A new approach to strategy, business plan, modeling, integration of business processes. Processes, Management, Planning, Decision Making is a distinctive look at the basics of business economics, strategic management, human resource management, supply chain management, market and customer relationship management.

Course headings authorized education MBA specialization in IT management:

+ IT application + Management Information Systems + Information Technology (IT) Management + Electronic Marketing + IT Puzzle Regulations + Electronic Commerce + Internet research

Other headings:

+ Knowledge management + Strategic management + Technology management + Business Management + Statistics in Management + Organizational Behavior + Systemic thinking

Course objective

Empowering and equipping managers of public and private organizations, managers related to information and communication technology units (FAVA), consultants senior management Officials of organizational transformation To the knowledge related to the management fields of information technology and its connection with various issues of organization and management, is one of the most important goals of this field. This training course is expected to understand new organizational developments, especially at the levels of strategic planning and policies. And finally, strengthening the analysis and decision-making capabilities will help significantly.

Prerequisites for the MBA training course in Information Technology Management:

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