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E-Learning & Certification on the topics of the dispute resolution process with the ISO 10003 standard


E-Learning & Certification on the issues of the dispute resolution process with the ISO 10003 standard: The ISO 10003 standard, the dispute resolution process, is a solution to compensate the complaints of companies that do not have a solution to these problems in the internal sector. This international standard can be suggested to claimants to design a dispute resolution process and decide when to resolve disputes. and choosing a dispute resolution provider that has the ability to address the specific needs and expectations of the organization to be used. This international standard can help organizations and individuals in evaluating the effectiveness, efficiency and impartiality of the organization’s dispute resolution process. This international standard is applicable for: – Complaints related to the characteristics of the organization’s products that are expected by the customer and related to the process of handling complaints and resolving disputes
– Resolving disputes arising from domestic or foreign trade activities
– guidance on determining when and how organizations participate in resolving disputes
– guidance on choosing suppliers and using their services  

Course Titles E-Learning & Certification Dispute resolution process discussions with ISO 10003 standard :

+ Monitoring, evaluating and improving the dispute resolution process.

Guidance on managing an organization’s participation in solving Disparity

Necessities of a solution Available, transparent, appropriate and fair dispute


Advantages of the training course on dispute resolution process with ISO 10003 standard:

+ Preparing the dispute resolution process in a flexible way so that in Compared to court-related processes, it can be cheaper, simpler and faster. + Helping to create customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as providing a model for individuals and organizations. To have the ability to evaluate the claims of organizations and suppliers regarding efficient, effective and impartial performance. + Improving the reputation and reputation of the organization or avoiding damaging it + Improving internal competition and foreign + sustainable and fair confidence building about disputes in the global market + help to inform Providing potential users with resolving disputes about access conditions, costs and legal implications. + providing the ability of the organization to identify and resolve the causes of disputes + improving the method of handling complaints and <a style="color: #ff6600;" href=" %db%8c-%d9%85%d8%a8%d8%a7%d8%ad%d8%ab-%d9%81%d8%b1%d8%a2%db%8c%d9%86%d8%af Disputes Organization. + Providing additional information that can help improve the organization’s processes and products.  

Prerequisites of the E-Learning & Certification course on dispute resolution process using ISO 10003:

+ This course requires prerequisites There is no special need and it is taught from the basics.  


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