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Training & Certificate Of the Dutch language


Virtual learning of the Dutch language: The Netherlands is considered one of the industrialized countries. In terms of career and business, it can be a very good option for people. Also, knowing the Dutch language inside the country can also guarantee a suitable teaching job. The Dutch language is one of the languages whose roots go back to the Germanic languages. which is from the family of Indo-European languages. This language is used as the official language of the Netherlands, Belgium (Flemish), Arovia, Suriname, Saint Marin, as well as one of the languages of Belgium and several other countries. Another purpose that most people learn Dutch. There are many people who want to see different countries closely. and get familiar with different cultures. Dutch countries are also many languages. which are always popular destinations for tourists because of their many tourist attractions. So Language Learning Dutch can help people a lot in this sense. Emigration or continuing education in Dutch and Belgian universities. Because these countries are among the prosperous and industrialized countries of Europe. They are a good place to study and live.

Advantages of learning the Dutch language:

+ In the Dutch language, words and nouns are gender-oriented, which means that a noun or a word can be neutral. be male or female. + The order of words in Dutch sentences is not important, and as in Russian, any order can be used to present sentences. + There is a lot of common vocabulary between Dutch and Latin. + Verbs in Dutch have two different forms. + More than 95% of the words and phrases that are written in Dutch are also read in the same way. + Unlike many popular languages in the world, there are no adjectives in the Dutch language. + This language has only 5 grammatical tenses, which can make it easier to learn. + Dutch language has V2 word order, which means that in the main phrases of the sentence, the verb is placed in the second place. + Adjectives always come before the nouns they describe.

List of course headings virtual learning Dutch language:

+ Dutch grammar book

Prerequisites of the Dutch languagecourse:

[list_negative] This course requires special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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