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Virtual learning of programming in Delphi language


virtual learning of Delphi language programming (Programming in DELPHI): Delphi programming language is one of the most powerful programming languages taught in universities. The best example of software that can be said to be done with Delphi is the accounting software Peach, which can be used in a graphical environment, for platforms Produced various (Windows, Android, iOS, etc.) software. It is said that Delphi has RAD capability. In this sense, Delphi has the ability to quickly produce or develop applications. Because it generates a large part of the program code automatically and exempts the programmer from this work. Delphi can do it with just a few clicks, which used to take hours or even days with Pascal. Before starting Delphi training, we should know that actually Delphi is a programming environment (Integrated development environment (IDE)) in which, first, it is possible to design applications under windows (windows application) and console (console). It was acceptable, but later it was possible to develop web applications and mobile applications.

Advantages of programming in Delphi language:

+ It is a strong high-level programming language. + For those thread types that are allocated, we don’t need to manage memory by ourselves, but the memory manager manages this. + The language is suitable for future development and comes from a comprehensive IDE . + Includes It is a graphical interface for localization and translation of created programs. Programming in Delphi language: + Programming principles + Introductory programming + Programming skills + Programming languages + Programming in Delphi language 1 + Programming in Delphi language 2

Prev The requirements of this course:

[list_negative] The Delphi language programming course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative] Digital work registration Programming in Delphi free sample certificate madrak Educational standard Manual


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