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Virtual learning of the German language


Virtual learning of the German language: in the language of the most industrialized country <a style="color: #ff6600;" href=" Europe Hello. The German language is the language of today’s engineering science. Learning the German language allows you to expand your life horizons and create many more options in your job and immigration opportunities. The German language has many things to say, such as:
  1. German has the largest number of speakers in Europe.
  2. Germany has the third largest economy in the world.
  3. Knowing the German language creates many job opportunities.
  4. Germans spend the most money on tourism.
  5. German is the official language of Germany, Austria, Switzerland. , Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Belgium.
German language (in German: Deutsche Sprache) is a language of the Indo-European language family and a member of the branch West Germanic languages. The German language includes two main dialects, High German and Low German, and many sub-dialects. Based on this language, there is a standard language called Standard German, which is more similar to High German, it is taught to foreigners and is a kind of intermediary language. You can master your German language in a few minutes by learning the lessons in one day. In the course of its historical development, the German language has apparently remained faithful to most of the grammatical features and native Germanic vocabulary and has kept them alive in its grammatical and lexical system. This course contains 1299 minutes of audio files in German.

Course headings E-Learning & Certification German language:

+ German terms + German stories + German dictionary

Prerequisites for the German language course:

[list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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