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Passive defense E-Learning & Certification


Passive defense E-Learning & Certification: Passive defense is a type of civilian defense. It refers to a set of actions that do not require weapons. And with its implementation, it is possible to prevent financial losses to vital and sensitive military and civilian equipment and facilities and human casualties. or reduced the amount of these losses and casualties to the minimum possible. Passive defense means reducing vulnerability during a crisis, without using military measures and only by using civilian, technical and managerial activities. Passive defense measures include cover, dispersion, division and displacement, deception, location, notification, survivability, fortification, camouflage, hiding is a deceptive replica and safe structures. In passive defense, all institutions, forces, organizations, industries and even ordinary people can play an effective role. While in active defense such as anti-aircraft systems and interceptor planes, only the armed forces are responsible. Non-operating defense in distribution networks refers to preventive principles that increase the reliability of the network and reduce the damage caused in times of crisis. Like strengthening foundations, installing spacers, etc.

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Any non-armed action that reduces the vulnerability of manpower, buildings, equipment and documents of the country against the destructive operations of the enemy is called passive defense. In simpler terms, passive defense is a set of measures that are taken to minimize possible losses in the event of a war. The purpose of implementing passive defense plans is to reduce the vulnerability of the country’s vital, sensitive and important manpower and equipment. Despite the fact that the enemy’s hostile and destructive attacks and the continuation of infrastructure activities and services and the provision of vital needs and the continuation of the country’s administration in critical conditions are caused by war.

List of course headings virtual learning passive defense :

+ passive defense knowledge + health and safety + basics of document management + Resistance + Placement theories + Passive protection + Fire prevention + Reinforcement of structures + Fire announcement and extinguishing

Prerequisites of passive defense training course:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics . [/list_negative]
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