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E-Learning & Certification of silkworm breeding


E-Learning & Certification of silkworm breeding, has been created to familiarize people with silkworm breeding. Silkworm was cultivated by people for more than four thousand years. This carnage first started in China around 2600 BC. The Chinese kept the secret of making silk a secret for many years and traded in Europe and the Middle East. But finally, the people of other countries learned to obtain silk through silkworms. We recently learned from Synthetic Materials to make materials similar to silk, but The demand for natural silk is still high and silkworms are used to produce silk threads. The process of rearing silkworms is called Noghandari.

Characteristics of silkworms:

Newly hatched silkworms are like thin pencil lines on paper, after 4 to 5 weeks these thin lines turn into white worms 6 to 8 meters long with They will become shiny heads. Adult silkworms have eight pairs of legs and bands on their bodies. Silkworms, like other insects, do not have lungs and breathe through the holes on their body.

Nughan rearing stages:

The larval hatching stage is very important for silkworm rearing. At this stage, the growth and development of eggs and larvae should be fully provided. The time of hatching in different provinces depends on the growth time of the berry leaves, which is between mid-April and mid-May. For hatching, after leaving the cold room, the eggs should be placed in a clean and disinfected hatching room, and the suitable temperature for transportation is 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. For the larval hatching stage, the eggs must be spread evenly on the same surface. If the larvae hatch from the eggs in the boxes, because it is not possible to spread them, the boxes should be moved slowly several times a day so that the eggs turn back and forth.

Course prerequisites virtual learning worm farming Silk:

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